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    • A time to exhaustion model during prolonged running based on wearable accelerometers 

      Provot, Thomas; Munera, Marcela; Chiementin, Xavier; Bolaers, Fabrice (Taylor and Francis Ltd.Reino Unido, 2019)
      Defining relationships between running mechanisms and fatigue can be a major asset for optimising training. This article proposes a biomechanical model of time to exhaustion according to indicators derived from accelerometry ...
    • Analysis of muscular activity and dynamic response of the lower limb adding vibration to cycling 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Chiementin, Xavier; Duc, Sebastien; Bertucci, William (RoutledgeEstados Unidos, 2018)
      Vibration in cycling has been proved to have undesirable effects over health, comfort and performance of the rider. In this study, 15 participants performed eight 6-min sub-maximal pedalling exercises at a constant power ...
    • Contribution of Bamboo for Vibratory Comfort in Biomechanics of Cycling 

      Chiementin, Xavier; Crequy, Samuel; Feron, Robin; Munera, Marcela; Abdi, Ellie; Provot, Thomas; Taiar, Redha (Bentham Science Publishers B.V.Suiza, 2017)
      Vibrations in cycling produced by road irregularities could cause health problems and affect the cyclist’s comfort and performance. Therefore researchers and manufacturers focus their efforts to reduce the vibrations.
    • FE Model and Operational Modal Analysis of Lower Limbs 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Pionteck, Aymeric; Chiementin, Xavier; Murer, Sébastien; Chadefaux, Delphine; Rao, Guillaume (MDPI Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing InstituteSwitzerland, 2017)
      Human lower limbs are exposed to vibrations on a daily basis, during work, transport or sports. However, most of the FE (Finite Elements) and OMA (Operational Modal Analysis) studies focus either on the whole body or on ...
    • Footwear influences soft-tissue vibrations in rearfoot strike runners 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Giandolini, Marlene; Chiementin, Xavier; Horvais, Nicolas; Bartold, Simón (Taylor and Francis Ltd.Colombia, 2017)
      Muscle activity is tuned in response to ground reaction force to dampen soft-tissue vibrations (Wakeling, Von Tscharner, Nigg, & Stergiou, 2001) during whole-body vibrations (Wakeling, Nigg, & Rozitis, 2002) and ...
    • Intra and Inter Test Repeatability of Accelerometric Indicators Measured While Running 

      Provot, Thomas; Munera, Marcela; Bolaers, Fabrice; Vitry, Gregoire; Chiementin, Xavier (Elsevier BVReino Unido, 2016)
      Recently the use of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU's) has been extended to several applications in human activity. In running, several studies show the possibility of using IMU's to measure different indicators of speed ...
    • Transmission of whole body vibration to the lower body in static and dynamic half-squat exercises 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Chiementin, Xavier; Bertucci, William; Duc, Sebastien (Taylor and Francis Ltd.Inglaterra, 2016)
      Whole body vibration (WBV) is used as a training method but its physical risk is not yet clear. Hence, the aim of this study is to assess the exposure to WBV by a measure of acceleration at the lower limb under dynamic and ...