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    • Axiomatic Set Theory à la Dijkstra and Scholten 

      Acosta, Ernesto; Aldana, Bernarda; Bohórquez, Jaime; Rocha, Camilo (Springer NatureUSA., 2017)
      The algebraic approach by E.W. Dijkstra and C.S. Scholten to formal logic is a proof calculus, where the notion of proof is a sequence of equivalences proved – mainly – by using substitution of ‘equals for equals’. This ...
    • Proving Safety Properties of Rewrite Theories 

      Rocha, Camilo; Meseguer, José (SpringerBerlín, 2011)
      Rewrite theories are a general and expressive formalism for specifying concurrent systems in which states are axiomatized by equations and transitions among states are axiomatized by rewrite rules. We present a deductive ...
    • Reliable Control Architecture with PLEXIL and ROS for Autonomous Wheeled Robots 

      Pérez, Alexander; Cadavid, Héctor; Rocha, Camilo (Springer NatureColombia, 2017)
      Today’s autonomous robots are being used for complex tasks, including space exploration, military applications, and precision agriculture. As the complexity of control architectures increases, reliability of autonomous ...