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    • Analysis of muscular activity and dynamic response of the lower limb adding vibration to cycling 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Chiementin, Xavier; Duc, Sebastien; Bertucci, William (RoutledgeEstados Unidos, 2018)
      Vibration in cycling has been proved to have undesirable effects over health, comfort and performance of the rider. In this study, 15 participants performed eight 6-min sub-maximal pedalling exercises at a constant power ...
    • Footwear influences soft-tissue vibrations in rearfoot strike runners 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Giandolini, Marlene; Chiementin, Xavier; Horvais, Nicolas; Bartold, Simón (Taylor and Francis Ltd.Colombia, 2017)
      Muscle activity is tuned in response to ground reaction force to dampen soft-tissue vibrations (Wakeling, Von Tscharner, Nigg, & Stergiou, 2001) during whole-body vibrations (Wakeling, Nigg, & Rozitis, 2002) and ...
    • Transmission of whole body vibration to the lower body in static and dynamic half-squat exercises 

      Munera Ramirez, Marcela Cristina; Chiementin, Xavier; Bertucci, William; Duc, Sebastien (Taylor and Francis Ltd.Inglaterra, 2016)
      Whole body vibration (WBV) is used as a training method but its physical risk is not yet clear. Hence, the aim of this study is to assess the exposure to WBV by a measure of acceleration at the lower limb under dynamic and ...