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    • Explosions and Structural Fragments as Industrial Hazard: Domino Effect and Risks 

      Ahmed, Mebarki; Jerez Barbosa, Sandra Rocio; Matasic, Igor; Prodhomme, Gaëtan; Reimeringer, Mathieu (Science DirectChina, 2012)
      This study deals with industrial accidents and domino effects that may occur in an industrial plant, the initial accident being supposed to take place in any of the tanks either under or at atmospheric pressure. This initial ...
    • Vulnerability and Resilience under Effects of Tsunamis: Case of Industrial Plants 

      Mebarki, Ahmed; Willot, Adrien; Reimeringer, Mathieu; Jerez Barbosa, Sandra Rocio; Prod’hommeb, Gaëtan (Science Direct, 2014)
      The resilience approach represents a unified and integrated framework for the restoration process following disasters. Under given resilience parameters values, a resilient system is able to recover and be strengthened ...