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    • Parallel Programming to Analyze Crop-Health in Real-Time 

      Molina Muñoz, Angie Natalia; Brunn, Ansgar; Chaparro, Javier; Pérez, Alexander (zfv – Zeitschrift für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und LandmanagementHerne, Alemania., 2019)
      Smart farming takes place by using recent UAV-technology for agricultural profitability. Multiple companies and research centers are working on realizing real scenarious. But there are only restricted experiences about how ...
    • Reliable Control Architecture with PLEXIL and ROS for Autonomous Wheeled Robots 

      Pérez, Alexander; Cadavid, Héctor; Rocha, Camilo (Springer NatureColombia, 2017)
      Today’s autonomous robots are being used for complex tasks, including space exploration, military applications, and precision agriculture. As the complexity of control architectures increases, reliability of autonomous ...