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Title: Análisis del Proyecto de venta de Propilco: Un estudio ex-ante
Authors: Badillo Prieto, Luisa Fernanda
Keywords: Propilco
Cadena productiva
Integración vertical
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This paper examines the importance and participation of the company Polipropileno del Caribe S.A. (Propilco) within the petrochemical and plastics sector in Colombia and in the Ecopetrol business group. In the development of the document it is desired to describe how the mentioned companies are related within the petrochemical industry and also to analyze the position of Propilco with respect to its financial situation and its place within the Ecopetrol business group. All this by analyzing the figures of the national market, importer and exporter of the petrochemical industry and the evaluation of the corporate relationship of both companies by their joint and individual financial results. It is found that Propilco is a leading company in the intermediate petrochemical products industry and that it is the main exporter in this link of the productive chain; However, the figures show that the profitability of the company has deteriorated and that its participation in the Ecopetrol business group is insignificant.
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