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Title: Optimización del problema de ruteo y programación de buses escolares con restricciones de congestión de tráfico para políticas de rutas compartidas (Mixed-Load) e independientes (Single-Load)
Authors: Rodríguez Parra, Germán Ricardo
Keywords: Ruteo de Buses Escolares
Transporte Escolar
Movilidad Vial
Transporte Urbano
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito
Abstract: The transport operation design for students has important challenges. This is the case of the north of the city of Bogotá, where an important cluster of schools is located in the same zone, but there is only one road that connects these school zones to residential zones. For this reason, the traffic congestion is high, which generates long travel times of students in a bus, high operation costs for schools, and mobility problems for the city. This paper seeks to estimate the implementation impacts of a cooperative strategy among logistic operators of school transportation by using a mixed integer programming mathematical model, to find the optimal design of school routes on a network with the topology that describes the road system that connects different residential zones with schools in the north of the city of Bogotá, Colombia. The proposed mathematical model includes the scheduling of the buses in the main highway (the only road connects students’ homes with schools in the city), to contribute to the reduction of the vehicular congestion in this zone by generating an optimal planning and scheduling of routes. Two strategies are compared using optimization models: mixed loads strategy, where students from different schools share buses; and single loads strategies, where students from different schools that cannot share buses. These models seek to minimize the total operation costs by using a homogenous fleet of buses that satisfy schools requirements. Furthermore, the results of the two models (exact and heuristic method) are presented, and also a comparative analysis of the mentioned models is shown.
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