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Title: Axiomatic Set Theory à la Dijkstra and Scholten
Authors: Acosta Gempeler, Ernesto
Aldana Gómez, Bernarda
Bohórquez Villamizar, Jaime Alejandro
Rocha Niño, Hernán Camilo
Keywords: Logica Dijkstra Scholten
Lógica de Primer Orden
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The algebraic approach by E.W. Dijkstra and C. S. Scholten to formal logic is a proof calculus, where the notion of proof is a sequence of equivalences proved – mainly – by using substitution of ‘equals for equals’. This paper presents Set, a first-order logic axiomatization for set theory using the approach of Dijkstra and Scholten. The approach is novel in that the symbolic manipulation of formulas is shown to be an e ective tool for teaching axiomatic set theory to sophomore students in mathematics. This paper contains many examples on how argumentative proofs can be easily expressed in Set and points out how Set can enrich the learning experience of students. These results are part of a larger effort to formally study and mechanize topics in mathematics and computer science with the algebraic approach of Dijkstra and Scholten.
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