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Title: Renta de la tierra y libre comercio: Revisión teórica y análisis empírico
Authors: Cristancho Salas, Mayra Alejandra
Keywords: Renta absoluta
Renta diferencial
Precio de producción
Precio de mercado
Libre comercio
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: In the classic study of the land revenue, particularly of authors as Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Karl Marx, two types of revenue are identified: differential and absolute. In the first one, the revenue appears as a function of the price, whereas in the second one, it is a determinant of the same one. Both are a part of what constitutes the total of the revenue, nevertheless, it is not possible to determine what proportion each one enters. For the case of the rice Colombian sector, one of the basic products of consumption, we could verified a major participation of the differential revenue. Then we could conclude, that for this sector in specific, the application of an agreement of free trade with a country which levels of productivity are top, would carry a temporary reduction of the level of the land revenue.
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