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Title: Análisis del marco de referencia de arquitectura empresarial para la gestión de las tecnologías de información del estado colombiano aplicado en entidades de economía mixta
Authors: Charry López, Elsa Viviana
Sociedad de Activos Especiales
Keywords: Arquitectura Empresarial
Marco de Referencia de Arquitectura Empresarial de Colombia
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Because the Business Architecture Reference Framework of Colombia has been designed to support government, territorial and sector entities in their management of technology in order to achieve excellence in public management through the use and strategic use of ICT, its implementation is mandatory in all entities that are part of the Public Administration, thus encompassing mixed economy entities whose economic constitution is composed of state contributions and private capital. This inclusion creates a gap between the legislative, executive and judicial scope with respect to the objective for which the Framework was created and as a consequence, it may happen that some aspect of this type of entity is not covered or can not be Covered with this frame of reference proposed by MinTIC. It is at this point, where the need arises to carry out an analysis that identifies whether there should exist a variant of the same that adapts to this type of entity.
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