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Title: Uso de analíticas para predecir los computadores afectados por Malware, en una institución financiera en Colombia, 2017
Authors: Mayorga García, Gerardo
Keywords: Seguridad informática
Datos estructurados
Datos no estructurados
Prueba de concepto
Big Data
Business Intelligence
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The Information and Knowledge Societies are supported by computer data that are considered strategic assets in all companies worldwide. The data represent money and for this reason it is necessary to provide different levels of protection; One of these mechanisms are computer security tools designed to offer digital security against different types of computer attacks, the most representative being malware or software, a term used to refer any computer program designed to perform actions not authorized for the purpose Of committing a computer fraud, through different vectors of attacks. Although organizations have traditional computer security tools, in some cases the functionalities are not effective because computer attacks are more sophisticated as the days go by, steadily generating structured and unstructured data that grow incrementally , Trying to compromise computer systems at the least expected time, there is no pattern of behavior, intrusions can be presented short periods of time or long term to try to go unnoticed and study the behavior of the user. These security tools focus their functionality on performing analysis for detection and diagnosis.
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