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Title: Mortalidad de la primera infancia en La Guajira del 2009 al 2014
Authors: Pinzón Yaya, Catalina
Keywords: Problemas sociales
La Guajira
Mortalidad en la niñez
Brechas sociales
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Over the years, experts have discussed medical service accessibility and their coverage. Thaddeus & Maine identified three stages to understand the current mistakes in the management of obstetrical emergency. Stage I – delay by women or the family to decide to use medical attention. Stage II – delay to arrive to an appropriate medical center. Stage III – delay to receive sufficient medical attention in the medical unit. This statement of the tree stages was amplified for the medical attention of children under five years old for the period 2009 – 2014 in La Guajira. The contribution of the work is the estimation of the three delays, the introduction of the variable that confronts the location of the population with that of the health centers and, finally, its incidence on the mortality rate in the early childhood or in the childhood.
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