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Title: Modelo de Gestión de Conocimiento para el área de soporte e innovación en una PYME en Bogotá
Authors: Montoya Hoyos, Ramiro Alberto
Keywords: Lecciones Aprendidas
Gestión del Conocimiento
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito
Abstract: Knowledge within organizations is a strategic resource, defined as a combination of experience, values, contextual information, expert vision that together provides a framework for evaluation and the combination of new information, experiences and knowledge. It refers to the action of the use of information and data, which at the same time relates to the capacities of people, skills, ideas, intuitions, commitments and motivations. Until recently, knowledge had not been considered as an important and active resource for organizations. It was not believed that it was really an element of differentiation between companies, constantly running the risk of loss of information and knowledge that was leaking, for example, when Employees changed jobs. It is found that the knowledge of collaborators has become of great importance and as a good practice in companies (small, medium and large), knowledge management has taken great strength for new managers who wish to offer added value to their clients Excellent in the provision, sale of products, services and above all of being aware of the needs of both internal and external stakeholders of your business to try to fulfill them in your service.
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