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Title: Framework - Gerenciamiento de Distribuidores con cuadros de Mando Integral (CMI) para una Empresa B2B – Caso Kimberly Clark Professional
Authors: Acevedo Quirós, Javier Ignacio
Keywords: Gestión de Negocios
Analisis Financiero
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The Integral Scoreboard (CMI), are an important support in the analyzes of the companies and contribute to a reading of the behavior of an Organization, facilitating its reading to the fulfillment of its objectives aligned to the vision and corporate strategy. At Kimberly Clark Professional Colombia, a manufacturing company that reaches its end customers leveraging a distribution model. A distribution model that is led by consultants (Kimberly Clark Professional Sellers), who today have had a hard time aligning them with the company's objectives for the fulfillment of commercial objectives, since these Distributors have their own objectives and are Companies that through a commercial relationship of distribution and sale, buy Kimberly Clark portfolio, and market that portfolio, which is why they could also be considered as customers. In other words Kimberly Clark, invoices the Distributor and the Distributor invoices the final customer, however, and as mentioned, they are an important pillar in the distribution chain to reach the end user, this is why; The immediate need to have a flow of information between Kimberly Clark Professional and the Distributor for its reading, analysis and alignment to the Kimberly Clark Professional Objectives, within a CMI methodology as the best alternative for this problem. Given this opportunity, this paper presents the conceptualization, design and implementation of a Framework, known as a work environment that groups concepts, practices and criteria to focus on a particular problem. Focused on the problems to be addressed, this Framework refers to facilitating the visualization of the different phases of analysis of internal and external sales information, that is sales of Kimberly Clark, to the distributor and the distributor to the final customer. This Framework addresses the need to propose a Data Warehousing, Data Transformation and Loading (ETL) model in a data warehouse (DW), which integrates information from both Kimberly Clark Professional and the distributor, followed by the Balanced Scorecard model (WCC) incorporating the company's objectives and strategy through different indicators that will answer the questions that accompany and leverage strategies already defined by the organization and lastly; A glider that allows to build together with the distributor those commercial objectives that satisfy the needs of Kimberly Clark Professional. In addition to the technological and information tools that make up this Framework, it is important to emphasize that this model will contribute to the development and growth of the different distributors, since these tools will be the support for decision making in order to preserve and develop existing clients within Of the distributor, this being a relationship that brings profits for both the distributor and Kimberly Clark.
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