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Title: Elaboración del estudio de prefactibilidad para el montaje de una empresa que comercialice e instale canecas inteligentes para el acopio de botellas PET y latas de aluminio en Bogotá.
Authors: Garzón Rodríguez, Cristian Camilo
Chivatá Gómez, Libia Mairen
Cruz Amado, Maria Fernanda
Keywords: Reciclaje
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This degree’s document is based on the evaluation that determines the viability for the creation of a company that commercializes and installs intelligent Garbage mug for the collection of PET bottles and aluminum cans in Bogota, is realized with the purpose of contributing positively to the care of the Environment and contribute to the sustainable development of the country, through the reduction of solid waste generated and mitigation of the negative impact it entails, through the collection of PET and Aluminum materials to be made through the implementation of technology in the process Recycling at the source. The report contains the documentation of the pre-feasibility study, including the Profile, Identification and Strategic Alignment of the Project, Formulation (market, technical, environmental, administrative, costs and benefits) and Financial Assessment, Where the managerial deliverables are presented.
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