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Title: Estudio de la calidad trófica del humedal Gualí - Tres Esquinas
Authors: González Malagón, Manuel Andrés
Keywords: Humedal
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The Gualí - Tres Esquinas wetland is located at 2,535 meters above sea level, close to an area of ​​approximately 1,294.3 hectares and is located in the central part of the Eastern Cordillera, west of the Savannah of Bogotá, between the municipalities of Funza, Mosquera and Tenjo , A side of the Troncal de Occidente road. This wetland is the natural boundary between Funza and Mosquera, nowadays an axis of urban development; In which residential complexes, industrial parks, educational institutions and government buildings are located. Due to its geographical location, the water recharge basin has been reduced, subjecting the lagoon body to strong pressures that deteriorate the quality of the water resource and putting at risk the flora and fauna that inhabit. During a perimeter tour, the points of discharge of rainwater were identified, four direct discharges of waste water, one of the treatment plant of Funza and a recharge point and five of drainage operated by the Hydraulic System of Environmental Management and Control Of Ramada Floods. Applying the models proposed by Karydis (1983), with the Eutrophication Index (IE), it was determined that the wetland presents mesotrophic and eutrophic zones. On the other hand, using the Vollenweider methodology and the Weighted Inverse Distance (IDW), using ArcGis software, it was established that it is in a eutrophic degree.
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