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Title: Correlaciones de ensayos de campo SDMT, CPT y laboratorio para caracterización de arcillas en el sector comprendido entre la calle 127 y la Caro de Bogotá
Authors: Garcia Herrera, Ingrid Paola
Keywords: Arcillas
Mecánica de Rocas
Ensayo de Materiales
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito, 2017
Abstract: This thesis aims to make known the characterization of the clays that are included between Calle 127 and La caro in the city of Bogotá. For the above, the laboratory tests (Soil Moisture, Atterberg Limits, Inconfined Compression and Consolidation) and field trials (CPT and SDMT) were taken into account, which were evaluated for the parameter of Su the correlations proposed by The authors Skempton, Jamiolkowski, Mesri and Itansbo, and for the parameter of OCR were used the correlations proposed by the authors Stas and Kulhawy, Mayne and Mitchel. With the respective evaluation of the expressions proposed by the above mentioned authors, a comparison was made with the field results (SU, OCR) to later define the characteristic correlation equations for the soil under study. With these correlation equations mentioned above, an approximation to the results of SU and OCR can be obtained from the laboratory and field tests.
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