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Title: Metodología para la evaluación del riesgo por flujos de lodos y avalanchas en Colombia
Authors: Uparela Olivera, Jorge Eduardo
Keywords: Sedimentación
Riesgo Ambiental
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito
Abstract: This document established a methodology for the evaluation of the risk of mudflows and torrential floods in Colombia through the study of some existing methodologies at national and international level, which was applied to the case study of the basin of the Quebrada La Chapa, a site historically susceptible to the occurrence of mud flows. In the first place, the threat of the basin of the ravine was evaluated using the method of the frequency relation by means of geographic information systems, the conditioning factors: lithology, geomorphology, vegetation cover and topography. Also, the threat of mud and torrential flows to the urban area and the rural area of the municipality of Paz de Río was evaluated for the different return periods using FLO 2D software as a tool, which allows the modeling of hyperconcentrated flows as debris flows and sludge flows. The software predicts deposit heights and impact pressure of the flows, which are variables used in the calculation of the threat. Vulnerability analysis is performed taking into account the variables such as the degree of exposure and the quality of the construction of the buildings. Finally, the risk was calculated taking the threat and the vulnerability as variables. The results obtained coincide in the urban area of the municipality of Paz de Río some housing in the Santa Teresa neighborhood is in the risk zone. Also, many rural dwellings are located in high risk areas, a lot of things, in recent years, many families have decided to move by the latest events that caused human and material losses.
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