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Title: Evaluación del uso combinado de fibras metálicas y sintéticas como refuerzo del concreto, aplicado al soporte y revestimiento de túneles
Authors: Acero Pachón, Jenny Paola 
Keywords: túneles
Ingeniería geotecnica
Fibras metálicas y sintéticas
Concreto reforzado
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería
Abstract: Over time, the use of shotcrete reinforcement fibers for tunneling support and lining has increased. There are numerous types of fibers and each of them provides certain characteristics to the compound that forms with the concrete. Generally, each type of fiber is used separately and little is known about the effect produced by combining them for tunnel support. In order to evaluate the combined use of the macrofibers, a series of laboratory tests were performed on samples of reinforced concrete with fiber combinations, this allowed us to establish the effect produced by the combined addition of metallic (steel) and synthetic (polypropylene) fibers to the concrete. The research included compressive strength test, modulus of elasticity, Poisson ratio, toughness, tensile strength Barcelona test, bending test, permeability and durability test. Through the research it was possible to establish that characteristics such as: compressive strength, modulus of elasticity and Poisson ratio are not affected by using each type of fiber separately, neither do changes occur when the fibers are used in combination. Likewise, it was established that each type of fiber contributes in a similar way as it would separately, but in proportion to the dose used.
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