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Title: Diseño de una metodología para realizar la transición del sistema de gestión de calidad con la NTC ISO 9001:2015 y propuesta de integración con el sistema de gestión de seguridad y salud ocupacional NTC OHSAS 18001:2007 para la empresa servicio aéreo medicalizado y fundamental S.A.S. Medicalfly S.A.S.
Authors: Tamayo Castaño, Cielo 
Moya Aponte, Angela María 
Keywords: Gestión integrada QHS
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Medical and basic air service S.A.S. MedicalFly S.A.S. seeks to be a leading and competitive company in the field of air ambulances and also strengthen its services internationally to Central and South America and Caribbean Islands. In order to achieve this purpose, a methodology was designed to align and update the Quality Management System in accordance with requirements established in ISO 9001: 2015 and the model to be followed for the integration of Quality Management Systems And Occupational Safety and Health, in accordance with the requirements established in NTC ISO 9001-2015 and NTC OHSAS 18001-2007. The Project was carried out based on the analysis of the initial situation, independently reviewing compliance with the NTC ISO 9001: 2015 and NTC OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards, through a detailed review of the documentation in each process and interview with leaders thereof. The second stage of the project is established based on the result of the initial diagnosis, which allows the establishment of the actions for the integration proposal, and the models to be implemented according to the strategic direction of the company and the requirements of the standards Mentioned above. The result of the initial diagnosis made it possible to clearly identify the current situation in the company. The conclusion is that the current system fails, not integrating the common elements that each has. Being these independent, is generating reprocesses, lack of dynamism, commitment and interest on the part of the workers. Finally, it is important to highlight the advantages of the proposed methodology, allowing the integration of efforts and desires of each part of the system towards a common goal and obtaining excellence in work, which contributes to continuous improvement.
Rights: Copyright Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería, 2017
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EC - Trabajos de Grado Especialización en Gestión Integrada QHSE-65811653.pdfDocumento trabajo de grado1.42 MBAdobe PDFThumbnail
Anexo 1-Matriz DOFA actualizada MEDICALFLY.xlsx22.05 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo 2-Diagnostico ISO 9001-2015.xls102.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Anexo 4-Matriz Requisitos Legales Medicalfly-2016.xlsx42.31 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo 5-Procedimiento Evaluacion Cumplimiento de Requisitos Legales.docx17.54 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
Anexo 6-Modelo de transicion ISO 9001-2015.xlsx19.46 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo 7-Propuesta Integracion.xls194 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Anexo 9-Procedimiento Riesgos y opotunidades.docx210.76 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
Anexo 10-Matriz IPEVRDC .xlsx.xls548 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Anexo 11-Caracterizacion Procesos.xls37.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Anexo 12-Acta de Revision por la Gerencia.docx75.26 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
Anexo 13-Definicion politica y objetivos.docx71.59 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
Anexo 14-Presupuesto SGI.xlsx22.7 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo 15-Lista de chequeo de responsabilidades SySO.xlsx15.54 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo 16-Procedimiento gestion del cambio.xls112 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Anexo 17-Procedimiento para comunicaciones Internas y Externas del SGI.docx37.9 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
Anexo 19-Tablero de indicadores Medicalfly.pdf.xlsx118.37 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo 20-Plan de emergencias MEDICALL FLY.pdf1.06 MBAdobe PDFThumbnail
Autorización.pdfAutorización de Publicación en Repositorio Institucional de la Escuela1.37 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
Anexo 21-Procedimiento Matriz Peligros Medicalfly SAS.pdf432.17 kBAdobe PDFThumbnail
Anexo22-Procedimiento para investigacion y reporte de incidentes y AT.pdf464.25 kBAdobe PDFThumbnail
Anexo3-Diagnostico NTC OHSAS 18001 .xls72 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Anexo8-Matriz identificacion de riesgos y oportunidades.xlsx46.09 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
Anexo18-Matriz de comunicaciones.xlsx10.09 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
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