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Title: Impacto de los sistemas de gestión de la Secretaria Distrital de Ambiente en sus grupos de interés, con la implementación del subsistema de gestión de la calidad y subsistema de gestión ambiental como sistema integrado de gestión
Authors: Montealegre Rodríguez, Diana Carolina
Keywords: Impacto ambiental
Subsistema de gestión ambiental
Sistema integrado de gestión (SIG)
Implementación sistema de calidad
Grupos de interés
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This paper shows the effects on a group of interested parties of the implementation of the Bogota Environment Office Integrated Management System, which includes a quality management subsystem and an environmental management subsystem. In order to accomplish it, a literature review was conducted and the ISO 9001 (International Standards Organization) standard was used to prepare a survey following the quality management principles. Likewise, the expected results of the organizational environmental performance reported in the Global Sustainability Report were recalled to include the environmental subjects in the analysis. This designed survey was applied to a significant sample of people in the organization, society and suppliers, showing that 76,92% of the factors changed in a positive way. Furthermore, the 23,08% of the factors showed no change, which constitutes improvement opportunities for the integrated management system. The consistency of the perception results was assessed comparing them with the performance results, finding that the effects identified with the performance study are similar to those identified in the perception study regarding the following factors: organization generalities, leadership, employees commitment, process approach, service life cycle phases approach and environmental issues, improvement, evidence-based decision making and relationship management.
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